Welcome to MYCOE

Welcome to MYCOE.

This is our first official post and we are excited to get this council started! In our featured posts, we would like to share interesting and thought provoking links related to business, entrepreneurship, South Africa and Islam.

One of the more interesting and useful links I have come across this week has been a post on a dozen lessons about Minimum Viable Products (MVP’s)

“The minimum viable product (MVP) is that product which has just those features (and no more) that allows you to ship a product that resonates with early adopters; some of whom will pay you money or give you feedback.” “The lesson of the MVP is that any additional work beyond what was required to start learning is waste, no matter how important it might have seemed at the time.” Eric Ries.

On the news front, locally, for once some positive news in that Mercedes-Benz SA will begin building AMG derivatives at its East London plant from the second half of 2017 entailing an investment of R200m in its SA facilities.

Apparently Cape Town’s status as the tech capital of South Africa may be in danger due to the pay gap between Johannesburg and Cape Town based developers. I think the start up scene in Cape Town is still the hottest in SA.

Finally, an interesting proposal by SA National Treasury to tax SA residents working in countries with favourable tax jurisdictions like Dubai and Qatar may force them to pay tax in SA. For example, a South African tax resident working in Dubai earning more than R1.5m per annum could be taxed at the marginal rate of 45%.

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